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Boutique Hotel Cordial Malteses

Experience the magnificent charm of a modernist manor house immersed in profound historical significance at the center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Boutique Hotel Cordial Malteses offers 27 individually crafted rooms, painstakingly refurbished to uphold their original architectural magnificence. Within these walls, luxury, sophistication, and coziness harmonize to extend a gracious invitation.

Uncover an innovative hotel concept, a mesmerizing peek into the past, and an indelible encounter awaiting you at the city's core.

Cordial Malteses Hotel Facilities


Adjacent to the "Gabinete Literario" in the city's historic center, the hotel is enveloped by an array of culinary delights, entertainment options, and shopping experiences, just a stone's throw from Triana, the largest open shopping street in the archipelago.

Furthermore, Hotel Cordial Malteses enjoys close proximity to other parts of the city, from the colonial charm of Vegueta to the renowned shores of Las Canteras beach.

Boutique Hotel Cordial Malteses