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Cordial La Aldea Suites

Hotel La Aldea Suites, nestled in San Nicolás on the western coast of Gran Canaria seamlessly blends rustic charm with contemporary comforts. Guests are welcomed to a serene oasis boasting a terrace adorned with a pool and hot tub.

Each suite combines traditional stone walls and tiled floors with modern amenities such as complimentary air conditioning, with a private balcony, mini fridge, and cozy seating area for relaxing. Additionally, satellite TV and free WiFi ensure entertainment and connectivity.

Hotel La Aldea Suites Swimming Pool

Whether seeking tranquility by the poolside or adventure amidst the island's rugged terrain, Hotel La Aldea Suites caters to all. Enjoy moments of serenity at La Aldea beach or embark on exhilarating cycling and hiking expeditions through the breathtaking natural landscapes. Embrace a distinctive rural experience amidst protected surroundings.

Hotel La Aldea Suites