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Cordial Biarritz - Childrens Facilities

Cordial Biarritz is renowned for its spacious bungalows and expansive grounds, making it an ideal choice for families. Alongside the comfortable accommodations, the resort offers a range of amenities catering to both adults and children. For those seeking additional activities, there's a playground, mini golf course, and tennis court where both children and adults can enjoy various sports, including watersports. Moreover, a large swimming pool features a designated children’s area for added convenience and safety.

While Cordial Biarritz provides a tranquil environment for adults to unwind, ample facilities are available to keep children entertained throughout their holiday. The resort places a strong emphasis on safety, ensuring that children are well looked after with meticulously maintained facilities. This commitment to safety and upkeep guarantees maximum enjoyment for families during their stay.

Cordial Biarritz Kids Facilities