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Cordial Mogan Valle - Children's Facilities

Cordial Mogan Valle Apartments provide an ideal setting for a memorable family holiday, boasting exceptional facilities tailored to offer children the holiday of a lifetime.

The children's facilities are thoughtfully designed to cater to kids of all ages, ensuring endless entertainment and excitement throughout their stay.

With a plethora of activities and attractions available, children of every age group will find plenty to keep them engaged and entertained throughout the duration of their holiday. Parents can rest assured that our establishment is the perfect choice for a family getaway, with every aspect of their children's needs carefully considered and catered to.

Cordial Mogan Valle Kids Facilities

Among the array of attractions at Cordial Mogan Valle is the vibrant Children's Club, where young guests can partake in a variety of engaging activities. From rifle shooting and water polo to pool games and table tennis, there's something to captivate every child's interest. In the evenings, the fun continues with abundant entertainment options, including a lively disco in the lounge bar. The Children's Disco sets the stage for an unforgettable night, followed by a captivating live music show and variety performance, ensuring enjoyment for the entire family.

Cordial Mogan Valle Kids Facilities cater to children aged four to twelve years old, providing a diverse range of entertainment options. The English-speaking animation team hosts six sessions per week in the mini-club, offering a dynamic program designed to keep kids entertained and engaged. Activities are scheduled for sessions in the morning and afternoon.

Cordial Mogan Valle Kids Club

In addition to the children's club, Cordial Mogan Valle Apartments proudly features a dedicated children's pool area and playground, providing ample opportunities for young ones to enjoy playtime activities.

The resort also offers an artificial sanded beach, an idyllic spot perfect for families to spend leisurely days together. With these exceptional children's facilities, Cordial Mogan Valle Apartments truly shines as an outstanding holiday destination for families.

Cordial Mogan Valle Kids Club