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Cordial Sandy Golf - Restaurants

At Cordial Sandy Golf Bungalows, guests are presented with two enticing dining options: they can either dine at the restaurants or opt for the self-catering package.

For those who choose to dine at the restaurants, a convenient full board dining option awaits, providing meals from breakfast to dinner. This inclusive package features selected wines, beers, and soft drinks to complement lunchtime and evening dining experiences.

An à la carte restaurant is available for guests seeking indulgence, offering a selection of buffet meals prepared by culinary specialists. Throughout the day, guests can savor snacks at the poolside snack bar, providing a delightful array of choices.

Cordial Sandy Golf Restaurants

Alternatively, guests opting for the self-catering package enjoy the freedom to select and prepare their meals according to their preferences. Ideal for families and guests with specific dietary needs, this arrangement allows for flexibility and convenience. A nearby mini market provides easy access to ingredients for meal preparation, empowering guests to dine at their leisure, free from the constraints of restaurant schedules.

At meal times, guests can indulge in international delights prepared by skilled chefs. Half board guests are treated to complimentary wine, water, soft drinks, and draught beer. Additionally, coffee and tea are provided for half board guests, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for all.

Cordial Sandy Golf Bungalows Dining