Cordial Resort Holidays

Cordial Mogan Playa - Children's Facilities

Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel ensures that families with young children have everything they need for a satisfying and memorable holiday. Tailored facilities cater to children of all ages, ensuring no one is left out.

The hotel's kids clubs offer a variety of age-appropriate entertainment activities, keeping children engaged and entertained throughout their stay. Whether it's games, playground fun, or activities by the children's pool, there's something to keep every child happy and occupied.

Families can also enjoy the convenience of an artificial sandy beach, providing a safe and enjoyable space for little ones to play and relax. With specialized facilities and dedicated spaces, children are made to feel right at home, ensuring a truly enjoyable vacation for the whole family.

Cordial Mogan Playa Childrens Facilities

Younger guests at Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel are in for a treat with a selection of life-sized games available throughout the resort, including a giant chessboard and other fun activities to keep them entertained. The hotel's children facilities are designed to provide a holiday experience like no other, ensuring the young ones feel right at home and thoroughly enjoy their holiday.

Entertainment for children isn't limited to daytime activities; there are plenty of evening options as well. Kids can delight in the ten-pin bowling alley, offering perfect entertainment for the whole family.

Additional facilities such as tennis courts, bike rentals, and resort sightseeing provide even more opportunities for children to have a memorable holiday. Parents will find their children thoroughly enjoying themselves with these engaging activities, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.