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Cordial Mogan Playa - Facilities

Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel features two spacious adult pools, typically heated during winter to provide a comfortable environment for water activities. These pools include whirlpools and artificial beach areas with sun loungers for guests to enjoy. One of the pools also doubles as a daytime entertainment hub, where families gather for fun-filled activities.

Throughout the day, guests can participate in poolside activities such as yoga or aerobics, or simply unwind at the La Fula bar, which offers a variety of cold drinks and lunch options including tapas, beef burgers, and pasta.

The second pool provides a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation, meditation, or reading. Both pools offer excellent sunbathing spots, with strategically placed sun loungers and parasols to enhance guests' experience. Additionally, pool towels are provided for all guests engaging in water activities.

Cordial Mogan Playa Swimming Pools

Sports enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for recreation at Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel, which boasts tennis and squash facilities. Coaching services are available for guests interested in these sporting activities. Additionally, the hotel provides access to a gym and bowling for further enjoyment.

Nature lovers will be enchanted by the hotel's stunning surroundings, adorned with vibrant flowers and lush tropical greenery along every pathway. The restaurants and facilities are tastefully embellished with floral arrangements, creating a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. Throughout the hotel gardens, guests can discover additional amenities such as giant chess sets, secluded reading areas, and encounters with exotic birds, enhancing the overall experience.

Cordial Mogan Playa Swimming Pools

Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel offers a plethora of entertainment options, ensuring there's something to engage every guest. From lively poolside activities to vibrant discos, the hotel provides lots to do. Daytime fun unfolds around the family pool, while evening entertainment comes alive at the Fataga bar disco, featuring live shows and music to set the night ablaze.

Younger guests are catered to with a supervised Kiddies Club operating daily. With activities tailored for both children and adults, the hotel ensures that every member of the family is entertained to the fullest, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

Cordial Mogan Playa Entertainment

Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel has a new addition to its fantastic facilities; a new bicycle hire facility is available. The facility offers racing, mountain and E bikes as well as recommended routes and guided tours, this service is provided by Free motion, a company with experienced professional in various biking activities and well familiar with the surrounding.